Kids Scoop Report from Colosseum

On June 25th, I was at the Coliseum in Los Angeles California, watching the Houston Dash FC play against our home team, Angel City FC. I was able to see the game from the press box which was an amazing experience! The game was the 7th sell out in Angel City history.

The match started off strong. ACFC did well switching the field as they moved up the field. ACFC worked hard to keep possession. In the ninth minute Sydney Leroux took her first shot of the night, only missing the goal by a foot.

In the 55th minute Sydney Leroux was knocked over by Houston's Katie Lind. That led to Lind getting a red card.That meant Houston had to go with only 10 players against Angel City's 11 players. This is what Head Coach Becki Tweed had to say "They [were] a very gritty team hard to break down [and] they pride themselves defensively." In the 67th minute the ball came to Sydney Leroux, she controlled it, handed it off to Dani Weatherholt who took a shot and it bounced off the goalie. Then Jasmyne Spencer took the shot, barely missing the goal. Right at the 90 minute mark Angel City got a corner kick and Leroux received the ball, gave it to Vignola who hit the crossbar. Camberos recovered the ball and took another shot at goal, ending the play. The game ended 0-0.

Here is what Angel City players Alyssa Thompson and Julie Ertz had to say about the match. Alyssa said, "They were pretty physical, so just winning your battles and then continuing to play and not letting that get to you [was pretty important]." This is very important to remember even just in day to day life not to give up. And Julie Ertz had this to say, "I think that they are very physical and that they were good in the air, and definitely for our front line there were battles kind of all over the field and that made it kind of difficult to bring it down." Although Angel City did not win, they still received a point in the standing since the match ended in a draw.


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