Dinah's Family Restaurant Moves During Construction

Googie Style Building to Remain

On Monday, May 6, Dinah's Family Restaurant, a favorite of locals since 1959 and immortalized by the cult films The Big Lebowski and Little Miss Sunshine, will move to 4130 S. Sepulveda in Culver City under the new name "Dinah's Kitchen". The last day for Dinah's Family Restaurant at 6521 S. Sepulveda Blvd. will be Tuesday, April 30.

Another Googie gone, the family released this statement:

"This move marks the end of an era for us, as well as a push forward into our next chapter. We have been serving our community in the same location since 1959, and we will continue to serve our community the same great fried chicken – just down the street at Culver Crossroads on the corner of Sepulveda and Washington Boulevard. Our restaurant remains owned by the same family, and run by the people you've loved since we first opened.

After 65 years in our original location, our relocation is driven by ongoing urban development in Los Angeles, which now includes new apartment buildings on the lot next to ours. These expanding developments have impacted the space that we and our neighbors have long occupied, making our move necessary. As the city continues to expand its infrastructure, we ask everyone to remember that these changes have consequences for local businesses, and we encourage continued support for these businesses in any way possible.

With that said, we continue to fight to keep the Dinah's name alive. At Dinah's Kitchen, we will still serve our original recipe chicken, apple pancakes, and more, all with an updated flare and an edge that comes with this move."

The iconic chicken bucket will make the move be relocated nearby. that frame the restaurant, in addition to new additions of sculptures representing the diner's history.

Photo Courtesy Dinah's Family Restaurant


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