Kid Scoop Media Foodies has Arrived! First Stop: KAYNDAVES


March 16, 2017

Michelle Mayans

The Kids Scoopers interviewing Kayndaves General Manager Silvia Lopez

For the first time Kid Scoop Media has ventured into the world of food journalism. Armed with forks and empty stomachs, our Scoopers were ready to go to our first hot spot-Kayndaves, a Mexican restaurant spearheading activism and culinary delight in Culver City's food industry. Our three food critics spanning elementary, middle school and high school sat down and chatted with Silvia Lopez, the extraordinary General Manager of this wonderful establishment. She welcomed the Scoopers and their parents with incredible warmth and top notch hospitality. Kayndaves has been very involved in their community, frequently hosting fundraisers for local churches, schools, synagogues and local organizations. They truly believe in giving back to the community that has supports them. That is why when it came to " A Day Without Immigrants," Silvia and both owners Dave and Jintana, were quick to stand in solidarity with the movement. Dave's family migrated from Eastern Europe, Jitana immigrated from Thailand when she was nine and Silvia came to the United States from Oaxaca when she was eight and is now a proud and highly productive citizen of the US. So, in observance of that day, they were happy to close the restaurant thus allowing the majority of their employees the freedom to march in the protests. Kayndaves social awareness peaked the interest of many of our Scoopers and placed it on the top of the list of restaurants they wanted to cover. For that reason, Kayndaves was the Scoopers first food review destination. Sierra, Age 7:

I was so excited to be a Scooper! I liked how the food was organized and arranged at Kayndaves. The first thing we tried were homemade blueberry mini muffins, they were really yummy. They brought out a little basket to munch on before all the big dishes came out. I like how the food and their dishes were pretty, the colors were beautiful-the Chilaquiles Verde was a beautiful green. I loved that the egg, on the Chilaquiles Verde, when I poked it was runny. The sunny side egg was very good and different than how mom and dad make it. I loved how the dark chocolate was hidden in the pancakes and the flavors just popped when I ate them.. I made sure to put REAL maple syrup, not the fake one that little kids usually use. The real one tasted better and not as sweet. I also really like the big pretty glass filled with fresh fruit, watermelon, pineapple and cucumber with fresh chili spices and lime juice...It was so good and not too spicy. The waiters were also very friendly and caring. I want to come back over and over again, and all my friends should come too! Teela, Age 11I was really excited to be a food critic for Kid Scoop Media reviewing KaynDaves. They are super cool and known for being very community orientated. I was happy to know that they participated in " A Day Without Immigrants," a national protest against the new administration's anti-immigration policies. They actually closed the restaurant for an entire day and many of the employees attended the protest! The staff were really nice and fun. They treated us like family, but then again they treat everyone like family-which is really great. I drank the homemade strawberry lemonade which was not too sweet or sour. The strawberry pulp and strawberry seeds, which reminded me of Chia seeds, added a soft crunchy texture to the drink, which made it unique to other lemonades I've had. We started off with chocolate chip pancakes with real maple syrup and then I had french toast with the Chef's homemade warm mixed berry compote

Michelle Mayans

Teela Neufeld, age 11, about to dig into fruta con chile.

and real hand whipped cream. The french toast was so spongy and delicious, it almost reminded me of Tres Leches. I also tried a Tartine which was toast with avocado, pesto, arugula, goat cheese and a perfect runny egg...It was so good. I'd certainly come again and instead of walking, I'll be running. Daniella Bueno, Age 14When I first heard that a Mexican restaurant was called Kayndaves, I was a little skeptical about the quality of his food. I thought it was an Americanized restaurant that did not have authentic Mexican cuisines. But, both the atmosphere and food quickly changed my opinion of the restaurant-the ambiance was homely and the food reminded me of my Mexican and Guatemalan grandmothers who cooked for me. Kayndaves is also a vegetarian and peanut-allergy friendly restaurant-so they are certainly very inclusive of all types of eaters. At breakfast, they brought out chips and salsa, and a basket of homemade blueberry-cornbread muffins served with a side of blueberry jam. The muffins were a buttery, sweet, and scrumptious joy-certainly something teens like me would always enjoy to eat. Two of my favorite entrees, at Kayndaves were the Cantina Potatoes and the Elote plates because they reminded me of my parent's cooking. The Cantina Potatoes, which is made of beef chorizo with potatoes, cheese and one fried egg is both savory, yet delightfully spicy. The sunny-side egg that was served on top complements the spices by subduing the flavors that might, at times, seem overwhelming. The Elote plate, traditionally known as the Mexican version of corn on the cob, was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also tasted as authentic as the typical Elote cart on the street corner in East Los Angeles. The homemade chile spice rub sprinkled on top of each Elote was magical and balanced out with fresh cojita cheese, which is bit saltier and harder than most cheese. The

dishes here pop with color and fresh ingredients that are often sourced locally and organically.. The Mexican food here is not only delicious but is able to expose people of all backgrounds to the richness of Mexican culture and flavors. I am glad that a socially aware business that also serves quality food like Kayndaves exists. I would definitely return and recommend this place to all my friends and family. I can't wait to come back!!


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