Trish Steele at Los Angeles Fashion Week

Trish Steele in collaboration with her daughter Michelle Steele takes on LA Fashion week with their new cover-me-wear fashion line.


March 23, 2023

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA - LA Fashion Week at SAS Movie Studio on March 24 will be a spectacular event. The fashion industry's top designers and influencers will be showcasing their latest collections on the runway, featuring innovative designs and cutting-edge styles. Attendees will be treated to a visual feast of colors, textures, and patterns. The event is a true celebration of creativity and innovation in fashion. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of fashion.

Trish Steele, the founder and CEO of Safe Passage Heals, has recently launched a new line of cover wear. This new line includes stylish and comfortable clothing designed specifically for women who feel more comfortable covering up but also want to look fashionable. The cover wear is not only fashionable but also functional, providing protection, confidence, warmth, and love. With this launch, Trish Steele aims to empower women to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies, no matter their journey.

As a teenager, Trish was trained to be a fashion designer but took another career as a beauty consultant and makeup artist. When her daughter, Michelle Steele, was 10 years old, Michele grabbed the feel for sewing by hand and noticed that she was taking on Trish's teenage talent to be a designer.

Michelle started her first clothing line at the age of 14 with her mother's help. They called her "Cover Me Wear". The clothing line was published in the Celebrity Society Magazine and sold out her one-of-a-kind pancho.

This year, the mother and daughter duo are bringing back their Cover Me Wear line with new and fashionable styles. They aim for their fashion line to make a statement for today's women.

Trish Steele and her daughter Michelle Steele, co-founded Cover Me Wear, a clothing line designed to provide comfortable and stylish clothing for women. Trish, who has a passion for fashion design, realized the need for comfortable clothing that provides coverage, protection, confidence, warmth, and love. Together with Michelle, they designed a line of clothing made with soft and breathable fabrics that are easy to wear and contribute to women's confidence.

Join us at LA Fashion Week to show your support for the Women of Steele Movement! Be part of this empowering event and help us celebrate women's strength and resilience in the fashion industry. When you are a Woman of Steele you are an ageless, fearless, and divinely connected woman. Get your tickets now and be part of the movement!


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