The Last Domino releases new music video featuring Culver City dancers


February 16, 2023

Singer/multi-instrumentalist John Orr, aka The Last Domino, has just released the music video for his new lounge-punk single, "Paperweight". The video, directed by Priscilla Runion, shows Orr assuming all instrumental positions as well as conveying a spectrum of emotions following the end of a toxic relationship. Also featured in the video are three local dancers who often perform at Scarlet Lady Saloon in Culver City. Harlequin Curio plays dual roles as the lead dancer and ex-girlfriend of the protagonist, while Candy Valentine and Blue Lightning round out the trio of dark sirens in a Lynchian dream sequence. YouTube link:

The "Paperweight" video comes hot on the heels of The Last Domino's new alt-punk album, Two Thirds Of Our Lives, which was released on 2/3. The thirteen-track effort has a loose concept beginning with songs that feel almost dreamlike in narrative (the "asleep" portion), then with a more lively, carpé-diem approach ("awake"), and finally coming to awareness and acceptance ("alive"). All of the songs have their own unique fingerprints, but the buzzing guitars, throbbing bass, thundering drums, and washing synths permeate throughout, along with Orr's own baritone-to-falsetto-to-screaming vocal range.

Additionally, Orr compiled and edited lyric videos for every song on the album using the A.I. program, Midjourney. Lyrical lines and other prompts for aesthetics/genres were implemented to created surreal visual stories for the entire album, made available as a short film exclusively for the effort's release.


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