New Media Film Festival® Announces Groundbreaking Shortlist of Nominees for 14th Annual Event

The 14th New Media Film Festival is proud to announce a shortlist of nominees for this year's event, featuring a diverse range of content from the USA, Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Germany, and Mexico. All of the works on the shortlist are premiering in categories such as 360, NFT, Web Series, Animation, VR, Animation, Script, Digital Comic, New media and "shot on Mobile" including:

Director and Producer James Beissel, teamed up with writer and wife, Lana Beissel, to create “Polar Bear 360,” starring Nathan Nowak. James hopes to inspire passion for the protection of our planet’s most endangered wildlife.

Director and Writer Marion Poissonneau and Co-Writer, Diane Agatha, will be introducing an episode of her French documentary series “The World Seen By Children.” This Docu-Series will explore the way children view the world today and retrace history through their eyes back to 1970.

“Gene’s 6th Symphony,” directed by Jordi Garcia, is based upon a true story and portrayed in animation. The film was written by Gene Bicknell, Jordi Garcia, and Rick Silanskas and was produced by Larry Whilhite and Rick Silanskas. The original film was “born with only six notes of music that became a symphonic magical story.”

This next film might be considered unconventional by many and is titled “Arbibots World - Porch Thieves,” directed by BOT #1116. This film in the NFT category was written by BOT #1, produced by BOT #1034, with lead artist as BOT #1035. This film is the first of its kind showcasing the power of combining NFTs with independent filmmaking.

Another animated film will premiere at the festival titled “Unconditional Love,” directed by Wallis Liu. This three minute and nineteen second short 3D animation is the work of Liu's thesis. This film follows a young boy learning to fly a kite, given by his parents. The symbolism of the kite refers to the young boy learning how to be independent and control his life in the way he pleases to do so.

The Spanish film “Time,” directed and written by Elizabeth Marlo will star Elena Puig and Harding Jr., following the character Christina, as she “wakes up in a place that’s completely foreign to her, a place where she will have a defiant encounter with Time.”

The festival, which has been honoring "stories worth telling" since 2009, will feature 28 categories and will take place on June 7th online and June 8th in Los Angeles.

"We are thrilled to announce a shortlist of nominees for this year's New Media Film Festival. The diversity and creativity of the works on the list are a testament to the boundless potential of storytelling in the digital age. We look forward to honoring these talented creators and providing a platform for them to showcase their work to industry leaders and audiences alike. Join us in celebrating the stories worth telling at this year's festival.", Susan Johnston – Founder/Director of the New Media Film Festival®

The festival programming schedule will include a full day of online access on Day 1, allowing viewers from anywhere in the world to mix and mingle with industry leaders from the entertainment and tech sectors, as well as film and content fans. Day 2 will feature a VIP Soiree from 5:30-7:00 PM, featuring a glass of Boisset Collection Wine, light refreshments, a red carpet, and an international art exhibit. From 7:00-10:30 PM, there will be Q&A sessions, screenings, VR experiences, and awards. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet nominees, judges, speakers, creators, film fans, techies, and more. Programming locks April 15th as content is accepted through April 3rd.

The festival's goal is clear: to discover and cultivate highly creative work from emerging and seasoned content creators. The festival's judges, from Marvel, PBS, HBO, BBC, Simon & Schuster, and the Television Academy, will be on the lookout for innovative and boundary-pushing work.


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