Cabeza de Vaca Cultural Dance School


April 15, 2021

Spring is in the Air! Cabeza de Vaca Cultural Dance School invites you to join us for Folklorico Fitness. We are currently teaching 2 outdoor Dance classes in Santa Monica.

Mondays 2:45 pm- Contact us for Location

Tuesdays 5:30 pm @ The Famous Santa Monica Pier

Current Classes we offer include Aztec Dance & Drum, Ballet Folklorico Santa Monica, BellyDance, Hawaiian Dance, Yoga, Mayan Cacao Ceremony, and Meso American BallGame.

• Only Folklorico dance school in Santa Monica

• Master Dance Instructors

• Classes in beautiful Santa Monica

• Individual attention, disciplined rigorous training

• Classes in the theory and practice of Ballet Folklorico

• Alumni students studying advanced dance with accredited Dance Companies

Cabeza de Vaca Cultural Dance School

2721 Nielson Way #5273 Santa Monica, Ca 90405




We have completed The Santa Monica Shines COVID-19 Assurance Program.


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