Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook site of Immersive Concert Intrinsic Strings

Intrinsic Strings brought live chamber string music to the Baldwin Hills scenic overlook this past Saturday August 24th, creating a vibrant and magical experience in a unique concert setting at the top of the Culver Stairs. Audience members were greeted by a trail of musicians spread out throughout the overlook at spots that also included visuals of people in the city viewable through 360 degree Virtual Reality headsets, culminating in a grand performance at the amphitheater space with 11 String musicians, performing the works of local film and video game composers; Jeff Rona, Penka Kouneva, Drum & Lace, Emer Kinsella, Allyson Newman and Damir Price.

The event connected community, music, nature and tech in a concert format. Similar to looking out onto the city horizon below and being able to take in only a small amount of what makes up this dense city, each audience member was allowed to wander the overlook choosing their own trail while only seeing a fragment of the musical activity at any given time. The main performance was set to the backdrop of the setting sun, and together with hypnotic and minimally introspective musical compositions, was a sight for the senses.

Created by Emer Kinsella, composer and artistic director of Emersion Music, her passion is creating community connections in urban environments through immersive and experiential concerts. She intends to use music as a platform to cultivate communal harmony among Los Angeles' richly diverse background. 'The collective coming together and disbanding of musicians shows the ever changing landscape of our community, the coming and going of people in the city and how each encounter can influence and transform us as we go about our daily lives and deal with our own internal struggles. Offering insight into the lives and diverse emotions of people in the city, the concert aims to provide a space for appreciation and understanding of the challenges we each face and encourage people to embrace those obstacles together'-says concert curator Emer Kinsella.

The performance was made possible due to the support of BMI, PRG-VER, VRESH, YALLA Mediterranean and Joann Kane Music Services. For more information visit @intrinsicstrings or @emersionmusic on social media and


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