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Beyond Pre-K in Spanish preschool gets kids ready for the future


Photo Courtesy of Beyond Pre-K Spanish Preschool

Do you wish your children were bilingual in English and Spanish? One of the best preschools in Culver City and on the West side for Spanish immersion language is Beyond Pre-K in Spanish which is sponsored by the Culver City Parks and Recreation Department. This celebrated school is not just about language. There is music, fun physical education activities, art projects and most important, lasting friendships.

Beyond Pre-K in Spanish recently hosted its annual Open House where parents were able to get an up close and personal experience of watching current students participating in their normal day to day activities.

"We are very proud of these amazing kids," said longtime educator Vera Chang García. It is no secret that bilingual students excel not only in the classroom but also later in life. Experts have determined that the optimal time for children to master a new language is at a young age.

This is why the Beyond Pre-K in Spanish preschool, which was started over 20 years ago is so sought after. The students there become bilingual while also developing social skills and self-regulation. "They establish meaningful connections with peers and their communities, and they also learn respect and the love of nature while making friends," said Chang Garcia.

During the pandemic, the educators at Beyond Pre-K in Spanish preschool adapted to smaller size classrooms so social distancing and proper CDC guidelines were met. During that time the students still had the opportunity to interact with other kids in the classroom. Also, during the pandemic, the teachers implemented classes for both preschool and kindergarten to help with social distancing.

Photo Courtesy of Beyond Pre-K Spanish Preschool

That commitment to smaller size classrooms was so successful that they decided to keep smaller classes permanently to strengthen the Beyond Pre-K in Spanish preschool mission of excellence. The ratio of teachers and kids remains two teachers to every seven kids.

Sign up now for summer and fall classes. The ages for the summer classes are 3-6 years old and for the fall classes the ages are 3 1/2 to 4. Children need to be potty trained. For more information you can email the school at To register directly with the Culver City Parks and Recreation Department go to


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