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By Steven Lieberman
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Dancers of Diavolo Present Architecture in Motion


October 25, 2018

The dancers of Diavolo, based in Los Angeles, brought their Architecture in Motion dance performance to the Ahmanson Theatre on Sunday. A spectacular acrobatic-movement spectacle that is the dream of founder and artistic director French native Jacques Heim.

It's a combination of contemporary dance, martial arts, acrobatics, gymnastics and hip-hop with the utilization of large, creative stage props. There were two different scenes: Voyage, the west coast premiere, and after intermission, Trajectoire.

Both scenes were an intense journey with the dancers displaying emotions of pain, struggle and tension while constantly trying to escape the stage apparatus and exhibiting conflict between dancers.

During Voyage, the performers were seen attempting to escape from a space ship with light streaming from its port holes and then acting as spokes on a big wheel that was turning on stage.

There was a rocking hull of a ship in Trajectoire that the performers were balancing on as they moved and slid from bow to stern, leaping and diving off and getting back on. Always a struggle to find their balance.

It was a roller coaster ride of constant movement and motion and powerful interaction between dancers. There was barely a moment of stillness.

A unique and fantastic adventure was experienced by all audience members in attendance.


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