Culver City High School Welcomes COACH LUTZ, Math Teacher, and Track Assistant


Henry Lutz

Culver City high school welcomes new track assistant coach, Henry Lutz, for the 2024 season. Coach Lutz, who also teaches math at CCHS, aims to lead the long distance runners to success, drawing from his experience coaching at his previous school. He emphasizes the importance of supporting students and fostering their growth as athletes, with a focus on dedication and hard work.

Coach Lutz led the "Students Run LA" club at his previous school, where they trained for the LA Marathon.

The typical long distance track team practice involves alternating between long-distance hour runs and shorter distance runs around the track, focusing on target times.

Coach Lutz is determined to make the spring season successful and encourages CCHS students to join track, emphasizing the sport's inclusive nature and the value of goal-setting and teamwork.

Coach Henry Lutz brings his passion for coaching and teaching to CCHS, inspiring students to work hard, set goals, and grow as athletes through dedication and commitment to the track team.


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