City Planner Susan Herbertson Retires


February 22, 2024

Sudsan Herbertson

After 23 full years, Culver City Senior Planner Susan Herbertson has retired. She reflected on helping grow and guide the City over more than two decades.

"To say simply, it means a lot. I am so grateful to have helped shape the City to where it is today in terms of city planning. This was and is the best place to be a planner. I've learned so much about the community, about city planning, about co-workers. It's definitely a blessing to have worked here this long and to have got to know the people who worked here and the public. Seeing it change to a vibrant downtown is amazing and to have participated in its growth and development is something I feel glad to be a part of that as I retire."

In her eyes, the future is bright, even with the challenges ahead.

"It's a new era of City Planning that is filled with community and warmth. It's going to be an era of helping the community even more, helping find a sense of place in terms of where one works, where one lives. I think that's going to be the biggest aspect – living in Culver City, making that attainable for everyone. It will be a challenge, but it will be exciting. It's a time where planners can really embark on being an exceptional urban planner and make a difference for today's time."

Congratulations, Susan! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.


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