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Recurring Revenue Conference


November 2, 2023

The Recurring Revenue Conference will be held on November 9, 2023 at the Hilton Los Angeles Culver City. Subscription ecommerce or SaaS business thinkers, entrepreneurs, executives and investors will discuss the subscription economy and its latest innovations and customer engagement strategies to attract and retain customer loyalty. Over 700+ attendees, exhibitors and speakers are expected to attend.

The cloud services industry has become increasingly important, grown exponentially with SaaS revenue touching $143.7 billion; cloud security is growing by 30% annually; low-code SaaS platforms have come of age, with 75% of development shops adopting low-code platforms by this year; 75% of all cloud workloads and computing instances come from SaaS applications, and new software entrants and 80% of prior vendors offering subscription-based business models, with almost half of all software revenue generated from subscription.

Topics will cover how leaders of successful SaaS businesses are managing explosive growth; why investors are bullish and paying record-breaking multiples for recurring revenue businesses; why building and optimizing ongoing customer relationships is the lifeblood of subscription companies; the latest strategies on reducing Customer Acquisition Cost while still growing; creating additional revenue channels to augment SaaS revenue; key insights to reduce churn, increase adoption and upsell new solutions; and achieving data-driven marketing success.

Panel discussions include: Generative AI: Separating Hype from Reality, a deep dive into the growth and impact of Generative AI in the SaaS and subscription ecosystem. The Changing Role of the CFO will provide insights into the future of financial leaders from just number-crunchers to strategic partners shaping corporate strategies for long-term success. State of SaaS: Valuations and Key Metrics. Making a Key Pivot: Opportunities and Challenges will provide firsthand accounts from seasoned CEOs who have successfully executed major pivots in their businesses sharing strategies and lessons they have learned. Who is Writing Checks? Meet the Money will show what investors are currently looking for in potential ventures, how to get their attention and secure funding in the SaaS space.

Roundtable discussions will cover a host of topics: Unlocking Product Value to Drive Growth through pricing; Extending Your Runway in an Challenging Environment; 5 Strategies for Monetizing SaaS Integrated Payments; Scale to Sale: Building Your Business to be Exit Ready; Get to Know Your Customer Agreement: Tips, Tricks & Mistakes to Avoid; Legal Challenges of Auto-Renew Subscriptions; Every Company is a Fintech Company: How to Win your Corner of the Internet; Selling with Design & UX; and Nailing your Go-to-Market.

Breakout Sessions include: The Future of Work: Harnessing AI's Potential While Navigating Emerging Risks; Managing Cash & Extending Runway in a Capital Constrained World; 5 Checkpoints for Mastering your Recurring Revenue; Metrics that Matter: KPIs to Attract Capital & Accelerate Growth; and Term Sheets 101.

Keynote speaker CEO Chris Webb will share his journey in building and scaling ChowNow! In an industry dominated by well-funded competitors charging hefty delivery app fees to both restaurants and consumers, ChowNow saw the challenges local restaurants faced with high commission rates and disrupted the game by offering restaurants an affordable solution of a fixed monthly subscription without order percentage fees, empowering them to thrive in the digital age.


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