High Holiday Services in Clover Park


September 28, 2023

Levi’s latest book is Einstein and the Rabbi. She is the founder and leader of Nashuva, a Jewish spiritual outreach movement based in Los Angeles. Levy was named one of the top-fifty rabbis in America by Newsweek.

Levy's first book, To Begin Again (1998), discusses recovery from suffering and tragedy, and relates her own loss when her father was murdered in an armed robbery when she was 15. Her 2002 book, Talking to God, discusses the transformative effect of prayer.

In 2004, Rabbi Levy founded Nashuva, a spiritual outreach service for Jews turned off to traditional Jewish service. Nashuva holds Shabbat services the first Friday of each month at a church in Brentwood, drawing capacity crowds of 300 people.

Nashuva, which means "we will return" in Hebrew, also leads monthly social service and social action projects in the Los Angeles area. "The goal of prayer isn’t only personal peace," says the group's web site. "At Nashuva we believe that prayer leads us to action. It reminds us that we are here to heal this broken world. Nashuva is a service that leads to service.”


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