Lee Plans Run for LAUSD School Board


September 21, 2023

Daniel Lee

Former Culver City Councilman Daniel Lee has declared his intention to run for Los Angeles Unified School District Board District 1, the seat being vacated by longtime board member George McKenna. Lee's recent move from Culver City into Los Angeles puts him in place to campaign for the position.

According to the Los Angeles based news site 2UrbanGirls, Lee states that 'Education is under attack from ideological forces who don't care about the harm that they are causing our students. This is happening not just in other far-flung states. But, here in California. We must be clear that we will support and defend the rights of students to a quality safe education no matter how much money their parents/guardians make and no matter how they identify."

During his time on the council in Culver City, Lee helped lead the effort to close down the Inglewood Oil Field, passed rent control, installed protected bus and bike lanes in downtown Culver City, began a process for unarmed mental health response, among other successes.

His decision not to run for a second council term in Culver City surprised some, but Dr. Lee has always had a focus on the bigger picture. He ran unsuccessful campaigns for the California State Senate and the US House of Representative seat vacated by Karen Bass.


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