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By Jon Coupal
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association 

Protect Prop. 13! Call the Capitol to say "NO on ACA 13" and "NO on ACA 1"


August 31, 2023

Thank you for the calls you've made to tell the legislature that ACA 13 and ACA 1 are attacks on Proposition 13 that must be stopped. Your help is needed again as these two dangerous measures come up for a vote on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. We're asking all HJTA members and supporters to please call the members of the committee and urge them to vote NO on ACA 13 and NO on ACA 1. Please call as soon as possible! Here's all the information:

NO on ACA 13

ACA 13 is a devious attempt to stop the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act from passing when it's on the ballot in November 2024. The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act is our initiative constitutional amendment that will restore the Proposition 13 protections that have been eroded by the courts. But ACA 13 would create special rules that make it harder to pass citizen initiatives like this one. If ACA 13 is enacted, the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act would require a two-thirds vote to pass, instead of the simple majority vote that has been required for all other constitutional amendments since 1849!

NO on ACA 1

ACA 1 is a direct attack on Proposition 13 that would remove the taxpayer protection of the two-thirds vote of the electorate required to pass local special taxes. If this measure is enacted, local taxes and bonds for "infrastructure" (nearly everything) and public housing projects would pass with just 55% of the vote instead of 66.67%. This makes it easier to raise taxes, and your taxes could go up after every election.

Please call the members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and urge a NO vote on ACA 13 and ACA 1:

Chris Holden (Chair) - (916) 319-2041

Megan Dahle (Vice Chair) - (916) 319-2001

Isaac Bryan - (916) 319-2055

Lisa Calderon - (916) 319-2056

Wendy Carrillo - (916) 319-2052

Diane Dixon - (916) 319-2072 (Please thank Assemblywoman Dixon for opposing ACA 1 and urge her to also vote no on ACA 13)

Mike Fong - (916) 319-2049

Gregg Hart - (916) 319-2037

Josh Lowenthal - (916) 319-2069

Devon Mathis - (916) 319-2033 (Please thank Assemblyman Mathis for opposing ACA 1 and urge him to also vote no on ACA 13)

Diane Papan - (916) 319-2021

Gail Pellerin - (916) 319-2028

Kate A. Sanchez - (916) 319-2071 (Please thank Assemblywoman Sanchez for voting NO on ACA 13 in the Assembly Elections Committee)

Esmeralda Soria - (916) 319-2027

Akilah Weber, M.D. - (916) 319-2079

Lori Wilson - (916) 319-2011

Please also call your own state representatives and urge them to vote NO on ACA 1 and NO on ACA 13. You can look up their names and contact information at


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