Remote work can help organizations thrive during tough economic times through CuraeSoft's platform, coAmplifi

Remote work can help you endure hard economic times when executed with the right tools, save on cost of real estate space and labor while employees save on gas.


March 23, 2023

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA - coAmplifi, a CuraeSoft creation, is reimagining the workplace by offering an online platform that facilitates the transition of companies to remote work. As the US economy slows down amid rising inflation and interest rates, businesses like CuraeSoft have adopted remote work to help employees enhance productivity, achieve better work-life balance, and cope with the effects of a sluggish economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced numerous companies to shift to remote work. Online platforms such as Zoom became popular for virtual meetings and business transactions, and many organizations noticed an improvement in employee performance. With inflation and interest rates on the rise, people are spending more on basic necessities, making remote work an attractive option for saving money and spending more time with loved ones.

Traditional onsite work is becoming less efficient, as employees must travel long distances and sacrifice personal time for jobs that can be performed at home. To address these issues, CuraeSoft introduced coAmplifi, an online platform that promotes healthier work-life balance. With 58% of Americans working in remote or hybrid environments, businesses should consider offering these flexible options.

Mark Parinas, CuraeSoft's founder, discovered that remote and hybrid work models contribute to increased employee efficiency, as they have more time to think and prepare for tasks. Employees are less likely to feel burnt out and more comfortable in a chosen work setting. This enhanced efficiency provides employees with a greater sense of humanity, as they feel less restricted and more valued.

While some may worry that remote employees will neglect their duties, three years of increased remote and hybrid work adoption have shown that employees are responsible and eager to demonstrate their progress to colleagues and managers. coAmplifi offers virtual lounges, a newsroom, chat rooms, and employee highlights, all contributing to higher engagement.

The coAmplifi platform enables employees to efficiently complete tasks and monitor progress. Coworkers can support each other, and managers can track performance and offer assistance as needed. Remote and hybrid work models facilitate better communication between employees and managers, fostering a more productive and less stressful team environment.

By adopting coAmplifi, organizations can save on labor costs and address staffing shortages. Remote and hybrid work options also attract employees who value work-life balance. The concept for coAmplifi emerged when CuraeSoft was developing digital medical records for healthcare, realizing the potential for an online workforce solution.

CuraeSoft experienced significant growth and increased employee satisfaction since implementing coAmplifi. Mark Parinas of CuraeSoft believes that "the effective limiting environment is in people's minds," and by offering remote work and a virtual environment, employees can showcase their achievements to their peers, managers, and the entire organization.

coAmplifi is an online platform designed to help companies transition to remote work, enabling employees to increase productivity while engaging with coworkers and managers in a timely and more effective environment.


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