Award-Winning Student Short Film "Reflections" Released Online


March 16, 2023

Culver City high school's Academy of Visual & Performing Arts program (AVPA) had to GOT more creative than it's ever been before (and that's saying a lot). CCHS Theatre Creative Director Lee Margaret Hanson and CCMS/CCHS Film Teacher Holly Gable directed a short film called "Reflections", featuring a physically-distanced cast and crew of 28 CCHS female students.

The powerful piece of poetry that underscores the film was written by an amazing young woman, Ginger Anderson-Willis, when she was in eighth grade. Now a senior about to graduate from CCHS, Ginger's words speak to the experiences of so many women at every stage of their lives. The film was directed, written, shot, edited, acted, and scored all by young women, some who are still students and some who have since graduated.

"With the help of poetry and film, together women can empower other women," said Hanson. "The filmmakers hope this inspiring, body positive, and beautifully poetic message will reach as many people as possible, particularly younger women."

A collaboration between AVPA/CTE Film & Theatre, the film went on to be selected in several film festivals around the world, including the Cannes Short Film Festival, one the most prestigious events in the film industry. Due to the festival circuit, the film could not be in wide release ... until now! In honor of International Women's Day, on March 8, the film is now available for all the world to see.


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