Stand up for Nachbar

Register to speak - click the image for March 13th City Council Meeting in Culver City

The spat between Vice-Mayor McMorrin and City Manager Nachbar is escalating. McMorrin is publicly demanding an apology from Nachbar, using her identity as a cudgel while McMorrin's supporters are planning on demanding Nachbar's resignation on Monday.

This is all over the Mobile Crisis Unit, a program she stalled on while on the subcommittee with Fisch. Nachbar decided to take it over to bring some professionalism to it, and she's been hounding him ever since. This tension boiled over Tuesday when Nachbar expressed frustration at her unfair treatment of staff. She immediately turned it into an attack on her identity.

Meanwhile, her supporters have had it out for Nachbar ever since he refused to budget a defunding of CCPD. So they are taking advantage of this for a renewed attack on his position.

We need people to speak at the March 13th Council meeting, stand up for Nachbar and his defense of staff, and call into question the MCU and McMorrin's handling of it. Her identity does not excuse her performance or her impeachment of her staff.

As for the MCU, it could be an advantage if we do it right. It would be an effective and inexpensive alternative to our relationship with St. Josephs. But not if it's just another political football.

You can register to speak. In-person is always preferable to speaking online. Ask to speak on items not on the agenda.


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