CoFoundersLab Announces Free Membership for All Recently Fired Tech Employees at Google, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and More

Los Angeles, CA


February 9, 2023

CoFoundersLab, leader in entrepreneur growth resources and startup partner matchmaking, today announces free 12-month premium memberships for workers affected by Big Tech's recent round of layoffs. The subscriptions are $29 per month, so eligible users obtain a value of $348 in tools and education at no cost whatsoever.

A premium membership grants users access to a network of more than 650,000 individuals in order to search for the perfect startup partner based on interests, skills, location, and more. Features include discussion boards where users can ask questions; weekly live masterclasses with industry experts, marketers, and investors; plus pitch practices where the user can learn how to pitch and find investors to fund-and help open-their startups.

This membership is especially useful for former employees of technology giants Google, Meta, Apple, and Microsoft; these fine executives, while brilliant in technology, do not necessarily possess skills to start a business. CoFoundersLab provides the resources and education to learn everything that goes into launching a business, from ideation to funding-to finding the perfect cofounder.

CoFoundersLab is chaired by Steve Lehman and Thom Beers, well-regarded nonstop entrepreneurs who previously ran public companies that have sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. Said Lehman: "Tech employees for Google, Microsoft, Meta, and more have spent years using their talents and ideas for the benefit of giant corporations. With these free premium memberships, CoFoundersLab empowers these brilliant individuals to become entrepreneurs and build a business for themselves."

Prior to acquiring CoFoundersLab in 2018, Lehman and Beers were Principal Partners of the Business Rockstars, which produces podcasts, videos, and TV programming featuring interviews with notable entrepreneurs and business executives.

I hope these incredibly talented people take this opportunity to explore the very real possibility of starting their own enterprise," remarked three-time EMMY winner Thom Beers, CFL's Executive Chairman. "You trusted the institutions and believed that they would bring you creative freedom and stability. That didn't happen. Now take your talents to a whole new level, and trust yourself.

CoFoundersLab is the largest network for entrepreneurs and founders who are looking to build and scale their businesses. The Company helps entrepreneurs with one of the hardest, yet most critical, first steps in launching a startup: finding the right co-founder(s)/business partner(s). They do this via an online matching platform, Think, created especially for entrepreneurs. CoFoundersLab is a community of 650,000 individuals; it provides discussion forums, templates, and courses to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and fund their companies. For more information log onto


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