Culver City Releases Positive Report on MOVE Project


November 24, 2022

Culver City has released a positive “mid-point’ pilot report on the MOVE project.

The report shows bus ridership up by 52%, cycling activity up by 32% and pedestrian activity up by 18%, according to city officials, who added that. the intersection at Culver Boulevard and Main Street has seen a 98% increase in cycling activity.

Despite street improvements, the MOVE project did contribute to a two-minute increase in drive time through the project during ‘peak periods’, according to the report.

Culver City launched the Project last November in the downtown corridor. This effort includes the creation of physically separated bus and bike lanes on Washington and Culver Boulevards by converting a single vehicle travel lane in each direction.

The City Council unanimously voted to support this pilot project to offer more and better mobility alternatives in Culver City. It also commissioned the Mid-Pilot Report, which is now available at the MOVE Culver City website.

"The movement toward a more sustainable transportation future is underway," the city said. "Together we're learning, and together, we'll improve how we move."


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