Fireworks Illegal in Culver City


The sale or possession of any kind of fireworks, including the state-approved kind, is against the law in Culver City.

Despite the historic drought and risk of wildfire, there are still hundreds of California cities that allow residents to set off “safe and sane fireworks.”

Starting Tuesday, 296 California communities are allowing authorized vendors to sell fireworks authorized by the State Fire Marshal, known colloquially as “safe and sane fireworks.” Approved retailers will sell the fireworks from June 28 until July 6, though some cities may limit that to shorter time windows.

“Safe and sane” fireworks are usually benign sparklers, but generally they are more defined by what they’re not than what they are. They are any type that the Fire Marshal does not categorize as “dangerous,” and all display an official Fire Marshal seal of approval. To be ruled “safe and sane,” fireworks:

Cannot explode or fly into the air.

Cannot contain arsenic sulfide, chlorates, magnesium, and many other chemicals.

Cannot be larger than 10 inches in length or a quarter-inch in diameter.

Illegal fireworks include skyrockets, bottle rockets, aerial missiles and spinners, Roman candles, aerial shells, firecrackers and more.

Across California, penalties for selling, possessing, or transporting illegal fireworks that do not carry the official seal can be as high as $50,000 and include up to a year in jail, according to Daniel Berlant, Cal Fire’s Deputy Director of Community Wildlife Preparedness and Mitigation.

Most of California’s major cities ban fireworks, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, all of San Diego County, all of San Mateo County, and San Jose. Somewhat surprisingly, approved fireworks are permitted in Sacramento.

Many cities have community firework show including Culver City.

On July 3rd, the Exchange Club of Culver City will present it 52nd annual Charity Independence Day Family Picnic and Fireworks Extravaganza. This Culver City tradition will be held at West Los Angeles College. Gates open at 3:30 p.m. Plenty of parking is available and this event is handicapped accessible.

Individuals or groups who violate this law run the risk of citation or arrest.


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