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Organization has Different Vision for City


Dear Editor,

My thoughts keep going back to your article from a few weeks ago: “Dem Club President speaks on key issues.” Right away it opens up with an accusatory pull quote: “Common Sense Culver City is the same old guard, seizing on the issue of the moment.”

Let’s set aside the humor here, that CCDC president Jeff Schwartz is nearly ten years older than the president of Common Sense CC.

My concern is this one man used your platform to cast aspersions at so many groups in Culver City - from Common Sense CC, to the non-political Exchange Club and Chamber of Commerce. This seems to be a trend with him. I understand he’s already written threatening letters to members of the Chamber of Commerce, telling them to cancel their memberships. This is an attempt to chill political speech in Culver City. I hope you counter this with proper outreach to the accused groups.

As for “putting the idea” of Council’s progressive majority – Alex Fisch ran as an economic centrist. In his campaign, he said rent control “doesn’t work,” but has since “become enlightened” to it. Daniel Lee ran on ending fracking. Neither ran on defunding the police, rent control, unfettered upzoning, legal tent villages, or shutting down streets. We managed to flip not-affiliated-with-CCAN Meghan Sahli-Wells’ seat on the defunding issue alone, despite threats against our members who put up our “Defend Don’t Defund” signs.

We’ve seen plenty of Fisch’s core backers step away from him because of his flips, and we expect this trend to continue into November. Meanwhile, Schwartz should understand that a movement based on attacking others does not have a solid foundation. He should focus on his own ideas and vision for the city.

Protect Culver City will be glad to help him with that.

Ron Bassilian,


Protect Culver City


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