Welcomes New Neighbors

Dear Editor:

I live in R-1 Carlson Park. I love my neighborhood and my neighbors. Adding denser housing to our neighborhood might take a little getting used to. It might mean a few more cars on my street. It might mean a little more construction. It might mean a few more joggers and bikers, a few less McMansions, a few more volunteers at my kids’ public schools, more Girl Scouts selling cookies, and a few more people planning and attending our Block Party. I think I can get used to these changes.

I thank our City Council for their tireless work on this issue. I urge the Council to focus their energies on affordable housing in every neighborhood. This past November, a single-family home sold on my street for $4,000,000. I’m sure my new neighbors will be lovely, but I also want to make sure people from all economic levels have a chance to be a part of my community.


Bronwyn Schrecker Jamrok

Culver City


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