Council Doesn't Remove Housing Commissioner.


Leonora Camner

By David Ganezer

2.22.22: Santa Monica City Council considered a request from Councilmember Phil Brock to remove Leonora Camner from the Santa Monica City Housing Commission, on account of her employment by Abundant Housing Los Angeles.

Update: At their meeting on 2/22/22, the Council voted 3-3 with 1 abstention (Sue Himmelrich), not to remove Camner from the City Housing Commission. The measure required 5 yes votes.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Camner held a public event in Tongva Park, where she defended her position on the Housing Commission, which makes recommendations for development to the City Council.

We asked her a few questions: "Why do you want to continue to be on the Santa Monica housing commission?"

LC: I see the housing commission as service to the community. Also I have some experience to bring from working in housing justice advocacy"

How do you earn a living? Specifically do you earn a living from being on the housing commission?

LC: I'm paid a salary from abundant housing LA. However, AHLA is not funded by developers.

What is AHLA, then?

LC: AHLA is a Nonprofit outreach and advocacy organization.

Why is it that you feel your employment at AHLA, does not conflict with your seat on the City Housing Commission?

LC: I don't have a conflict of interest because I don't have any financial gain from anything the housing commission does or anything the City of Santa Monica does. It doesn't affect my organization's finances and it doesn't affect my personal finances. Also, my position with AHLA doesn't restrict me to any particular position, we have always been free to advocate for housing justice generally and use our own judgment and analysis when making positions. I am free to take any position I think is best on the housing commission. Fortunately because of my experience with AHLA I have some knowledge developed during that experience.


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