Dear Police Chief Seabrooks,

The manager of Chase Bank, the manager of Footlocker, two property owners, a property manager, and I would like to meet with you today or tomorrow.

Early this morning before dawn, Downtown Santa Monica was out of control. There is NO SECURITY, and no adequate response from your department from 12 midnight until 6 am, .or from DTSM, Inc.

Here is what happened this morning, I have videos - -

1) My cleaning crew was again blocked from accessing the rear of my property on the 3rd Street Promenade by people in the stairwells and elevator, only this time with knives, broken glass, and pepper spray in hand.

2) I was assaulted trying to access my building.

3) The front of my building was damaged.

4) There was a fight directly in front of Chase Bank on 4th Street, between Arizona and Santa Monica Blvd.

5) There was "street racing" inside Garages 3 and 5. The exit gate, and exit sign near 4th Street in the right hand lane were damaged.

6) There was fighting in front of the Foot Locker Store at the northeast corner of the Promenade and Arizona. Their plate glass entry door was smashed during the day two weeks ago.

7) There were two persons having sex in the open in the front alcove of Wetzel's Pretzels at 1403 3rd Street Promenade.

8) The janitorial crew for Barney's Beanery Restaurant were well aware of the problem and walked as a group to their work.

9) The window washing and janitorial crew at the Apple Store were aware and brought in extra security.

10) There was an apparent blaze in the Dumpster Room of Garage 6, which is supposed to be closed.

When my team and I were blocked from exiting the garage I called the DTSM Safety Ambassador # (310-877-7731) The Safety Ambassadors are not reachable after midnight .The Block-by-Block franchise group that DTSM hires said they could not help me. A hospitality ambassador arrived 20 minutes later with a broom and dustpan, but he was chased off by the same guy who assaulted me.

I called the 911 Santa Monica Police Dispatcher. She doubted me and commented that I seemed too calm and was "not out of breath". I guess she has special psychic abilities to discern what's happening two miles away.

I called the 911 Santa Monica Dispatcher number a second time, hoping to get someone else. The same woman answered and said she was doubtful any officer would arrive for a while.

Santa Monica's Downtown is in trouble. It's lawless at night. Many incidents are not even reported because the business owners, residents and visitors won't go anywhere near the Promenade or downtown until mid-day unless they are headed to the Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays beginning at 8 am.

Our City is becoming as dangerous and neglected as some of the cities on the south side of Chicago.

You have not responded to our recent attempts to reach out. We have lost patience. When this afternoon or tomorrow may we meet with you?

If we do not hear back from you, we will appeal to our LA County Sheriff and have confidence his team will augment your efforts.


John Alle

Local business owne


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