Bear Cub and Mom Splash Around in Backyard Pool

By Polly Hansen

Two bears found some relief from the Southern California heat in a backyard pool in Glendale.

A backyard pool provided a much-needed break from the Southern California heat for a playful bear cub and its mom.

In video of the bear family pool day, the cub dog-paddled around in the pool while mom seemed content to relax in the cool water Friday at the home on the northern edge of Glendale.

The bears stayed for about 10 minutes before wandering off.

Bear sightings aren't unusual in communities near Angeles National Forest, but they usually happen at night. Trash day is a draw for bears seeking an easy snack.

About half of California's bear population can be found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and areas to the north and west. Only an estimated 10 percent of the black bear population inhabits central western and southwestern California.

Black bears, recognized by their small, narrow heads and small ears, have coats that range in color from tan or brown to black. Females grow up to about 200 pounds and males can be a hefty 350 pounds with some giants weighing in at more than 600 pounds.

Black bears like to feed on plants, insects, nuts, berries and whatever else they think of as edible - such as the contents of trash bins. If food is scarce in their natural habitat, bears are likely to forage elsewhere, bringing them into Southern California foothill neighborhoods.

Although it's on the state flag, the fearsome grizzly bear no longer can be found in the California wild. The last grizzly bear observed in California was shot in the early 1920s.

Bear-human interactions are rare, but the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has a list of tips and general guidelines to follow just in case.


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