3 Women Nabbed for Allegedly Selling Counterfeit Contact Lenses

Three women were arrested in downtown Los Angeles this week on charges of selling counterfeits. Not fake leather products or art forgeries or faux designer watches. The counterfeited items were contact lens.

The suspects operated and sold counterfeit contact lenses out of stores located within the downtown area and were caught for allegedly "selling counterfeit contact lenses to undercover officers." LAPD said in a statement. Detectives also confiscated counterfeit make-up and illegal fireworks during their investigation.

Los Angeles residents, Sulmi Gonzalez-Calderon, 42; Karla Lopez-Meza, 33; and Eulalia Pacharrez, 50, all of Los Angeles, were arrested on charges of furnishing prescription drugs without a license after being arrested by the illicit pharmaceutical and counterfeit unit of the LAPD'S commercial crimes division.

"The purchase of counterfeits products may be hazardous to your health. In many instances counterfeit medical devices and cosmetic materials have been known to cause serious adverse reactions such as infections, facial paralysis, tissue death and blindness," said LAPD. "Manufacturers of counterfeit products are not beholden to the same rigorous materials and safety testing standards."

LAPD said investigators with California Department of Public Health assisted with the investigation and confirmed that contact lenses are classified as medical devices and should only be sold by licensed medical professionals.

"Samples were examined at the scene by the brand manufacturer and deemed counterfeit, in violation of recorded and registered trademarks," police said.

The LAPD reminds consumers to buy from authorized medical providers or directly from manufacturers.

Anyone with information regarding counterfeit crimes are asked to contact Commercial Crimes Detectives at 213-486-6940.


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