Council Will Revisit "Hero Pay" Issue at Next Meeting


If Opposition to the so called "hero's pay" appears to be growing in light of the announced end of COVD19 restrictions on June 15. due to the continued success in reducing the threat of further COVID-19 infections and spread. Many local businesses have made, and continue to make allowances for their staff members.

The Culver City City Council has been focused on forcing private businesses into unreasonable bonuses and pay increases pay while all businesses are working to recover from the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, Southern California Hospital did the right thing its employees, providing financial incentives to help alleviate personal burdens and ensure their safety. In other words, the hospital voluntarily provided "Hero Pay" early on. These additional benefits included:

• Hourly bonuses and a one-time bonus for staff directly involved in caring for our COVID-19 patients.

• Child-care reimbursement

• Free meals for all hospital staff

• A paid time off donation program that allowed employees to donate hours to fellow employees who had specific needs but no remaining hours

• Free hotel stays for employees needing overnight lodging during the pandemic

The voice of the business community has also weighed in on the issueAs business residents of Culver City, we must urge our elected leaders to prioritize the health and well-being of our community first and foremost," said Colin Diaz, President & CEO of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce. "If passed, this ordinance not only threatens the physical health of our community members but would also strike a devastating blow to its economic health, already gasping for air due to the pandemic. This ordinance could set a dangerous precedent and the legacy of this deeply flawed proposal will likely lead to empty storefronts, lost municipal revenue, and higher unemployment in Culver City. That simply cannot happen."

Also, here is a link to a study on the current and projected financial state of hospitals:


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