Window Solar Panels for Apartments

Offsetting your entire apartment's energy use isn't the only way to go solar. One way to step into solar energy, keep life simple, and add a fashionable piece to your home is to buy a window solar charger.

A solar charger is a great way to harness solar energy right in your apartment without any complex installations. Our friends at Grouphug Solar make a perfect apartment-friendly product for renters. Simply hang your solar panel in a sunny window and, voila, it will produce enough energy for you to power devices like your cell phone.

Bonus benefit: the more people who have solar in their home, the more normalized the technology gets. Do you know the number one reason people actually go solar? It's actually not the environment, and it's not even saving money. It's because they know someone else who did it. So getting a solar charger won't just benefit you–you might just inspire someone else to go solar, too.


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