Gascon Recall Effort Launched

3/7/21: The organizers of an effort to recall George Gascon as Los Angeles County District Attorney, have announced that they have served him with legal papers announcing their intention to recall him from his position. This just 90 days after his election on December 7, 2020-the earliest that a recall effort can be launched.

The organizers will need to collect 500,000 signatures in LA County, 5% of the total overall population, in order to put the measure on the November 2021 ballot. That ballot will already likely have a recall effort against Gov. Gavin Newsom.

George Gascon was elected on a pledge that his office would not seek cash bail for certain offenses (and would seek release for those currently awaiting such bail), would never seek the death penalty, and would end the charging of juveniles as adults.

Gascon also announced plans to reevaluate any sentence for which the prisoner had already served 20 years, and to reopen some cases of officer-involved shootings from the previous eight years. His policies have sparked outrage from some victims and their families and concern from some of his own prosecutors.


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