Supports Massive Bailout

Dear editor,

Nearly a year into the coronavirus pandemic shutting down the United States, it's time for our leaders in Washington to put aside partisan bickering and do something to help. President Biden's American Rescue Plan to stop coronavirus and deal with the pandemic's impact on our nation does just that. And the American people agree.

Real American unity is more than about politicians agreeing on a piece of legislation – it's about getting vaccines in arms, safely reopening schools for in-person instruction, giving every American a chance to survive the crises facing our nation, and preserve critical jobs and services in our states, cities and town.

And President Biden's American Rescue Plan meets this moment. According to major polls, there is more bipartisan support for the American Rescue Plan than virtually anything in the last few years.

Even West Virginia's Republican Gov. Jim Justice said, "We need to go big, and if we waste some money now, well, we waste some money. But absolutely, we've got too many people hurting and the economy is going to sputter and we've got to get ourselves out of this mess."

We need unity to get out of the coronavirus crisis. We need the American Rescue Plan.


Sharon Anderson

Los Angeles


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