Val Schwab

Born Vilma Mary DiGregorio

12/31/26 Newton, Massachusetts

Passed Away 5/13/20 Carlsbad, California

Val began her career at Universal Studios where she worked with the Prop

Department, coordinated major in-studio events and even had her own column

in the studio newspaper. She also worked as an agent booking entertainers

in various venues around Los Angeles.

Val is best known for her years at the Legendary Chasen's Restaurant in

Beverly Hills where she owned and operated the 'Coat Room' and guest concession

She was the face

of the front desk, managing

reservations and special requests.

She sold cigars and

cigarettes, worked with the

Catering Team on high-profile

parties and performed

as a 'Hat Check Girl' providing

Jackets and Ascots for

those patrons who arrived

underdressed for the dining

room! She was truly part

of the golden age of Hollywood

working on all of the

major Awards Shows and

other star-studded events

around town.

Loved by all, Val is survived

by her daughters,

Lavonne Colvin, Lori Mattix

and Lisa Schwab as well

as multiple generations of

grandchildren and her Niece and Nephew.

A Funeral Mass will be held at Holy Cross Cemetery on Saturday, December

5,2020 at 9:30 am followed by Intenment in the Mausoleum and a Celebration

of Life Memorial Luncheon.

For more information, please contact Lisa at Cantalini's Salerno Beach

Restaurant 310-821-0018.


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