SMPD Steps Up for Post Election Unrest

The Santa Monica PD issued a press release saying that "there may be concerns about the possibility of any kind of disruption during the week of our national elections.

"Currently, we have no intelligence to indicate Santa Monica will be a place of unrest. However, we also know that things can change rapidly and are actively monitoring the situation," says the press release, written by Lt. Joseph Cortez, SMPD PIO.

The press release continues to say that the SMPD has beefed up staffing, worked with other partners. It notes that "there are very strict guidelines when in terms of police presence at polling locations. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department will be working with the LA County Registrar's Office to handle security issues at ballot boxes and polling locations."

Beginning October 30, the community will see an elevated police presence throughout the city. Our visibility should not cause alarm and is dedicated to swiftly intercede with any type of criminal activity."

Unlike other cities, the SMPD declines to tell merchants whether or not to board up their stores. "However, we understand the need to feel secure and we respect your decisions on how to handle your day to day operations. If you choose to board up your business or want to have the materials ready to do so, we support you."

The press release closes with an appeal to follow the SMPD on social media, to keep aware of changing circumstances.


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