SMMUSD Schools Still Closed

Despite the reopening of a few private schools, such as a local Montessori preschool, local public schools will not reopen anytime soon.

We asked Sarah Wahrenbrock, Assistant to the Superintendent, about a rumor that schools would soon be reopening.

“I’m not sure where that rumor came from,” she said. “LA County is still in Tier 1, which means schools cannot reopen, except for small cohorts of high-risk, high-need students to receive assessments and services.”

“Once the county moves into Tier 2, the Dept of Public Health and LACOE will let school districts know when they can reopen, with the understanding that the county’s safety protocols will be met,” she added.

Los Angeles County is among the few American cities still locked down, which is curious given that even New York City has partially reopened. In Ventura County, which adjoins LA County on the north, restaurants on the North side of border streets are open, and on the South side they are closed.


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