Halloween Cancelled, Covid Scarier

By David Ganezer

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County Public Health Chief Dr. Barbara Ferrer cancelled Halloween. Ok, fine, not really. I mean, Ferrer is not really a Doctor, she just plays one on TV. In real life, Ferrer is a PhD in Critical Race Theory, or something, and the County pays her $530,000 a year. But that’s not the point.

The point is that LA County backed off a bit in light of the public outcry. You couldn’t want to have zombies, ghouls and Black Panthers all after you, would you Babs? coronavirus is scary enough, right? They’re going to permit car parades, drive in movies, even movie nights in theaters that comply with Covid-19 guidance, masks and the like.

The bad news is trick or treating “is not recommended because it can be very difficult to maintain proper social distancing on porches and at front doors, ensure that everyone answering or coming to the door is appropriately masked to prevent disease spread, and because sharing food is risky,” said Ferrer in a press release Thursday 9/10.

• “Trunk or treating” where children go from car to car instead of door to door to receive treats is also not recommended, particularly when part of Halloween events, since it is difficult to avoid crowding and sharing food,” the press release continues.

Also on the permitted list: • Halloween themed meals at outdoor restaurants (must comply with the restaurant protocol).

• Halloween themed art installations at an outdoor museum (must comply with the public health museum guidance.)

• Dressing up homes and yards with Halloween themed decorations.

So dress like it’s the apocalypse. Because 2020 kind of is.


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