Gun Stores Remain Open-For Now

Amidst fears of the Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic, food stores are not the only places with long lines. 45 people, all most all males, lined up waiting for Martin B. Retting Guns to open in Culver City.

Sheriff Villanueva who previously announced plans to close the stores has suspended those efforts.

In a statement from the Sheriff, Villanueva said, "Based on the legal advisement from LA County Council, I have suspended efforts to seek voluntary compliance from LA County firearm retailers. We are waiting for further information from CA Gov. Gavin Newsom to clarify what qualifies as a non-essential business. My primary concern remains the safety of all Los Angeles County residents.

When asked, only one person in line at the gun store said he lives in Culver City. He was unwilling to give his name or be interviewed. The World Health Organization, the Federal, California and Los Angeles County Governments all declared States of Emergency. Social distancing, closures of schools, many types of businesses has been implemented.


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greentriangle writes:

All males. I'm assuming you're implying it's some violent man-thing to want to ensure you, and those close to you, have some measure of protection as this nation moves forward into a great unknown. You can keep assuming the police will always be available to come save you in the event there is a significant breakdown in law and order. The irony being if that were to happen you would most certainly seek the protection of men-with-guns. Stick to you gated community.