Affordable Housing Location Overlooked

If Culver City is rallying a city for everyone, as promoted by the October 11th event at La Ballona school. Why didn’t Culver City use city owned land at Washington and Centinela for affordable housing? Instead the city sold this property to a developer who is creating Culver Hills Alliance, Fox Hills has over 3,000 units of racial and age diversity than any area of Culver City. Fox Hills cannot support more housing or population; they feel like they are suffocating.

Recently a source informed me of a rumor flying around town. I love listening, because it just might be true or false and it just might languish for months. The rumor not based on fact has to do with our super-duper Culver City Police Chief. The chief so the story goes will retire soon and the assistant police Chief Ron is a darn good guy who has everyone’s respect. Now many know Chief Bixby believes in Culver City and just might run and get elected to the Culver City Council. I am ready to get Bixby elected.

All over this country women have been making strides in the workplace. Take for example Brunswick, Georgia where Glynn County first all-female fire engine crew at Station 2 comprise the departments first all-female engine company.

The New York City Fire Department staffed its first all-woman fire engine company in September of 2018. Engine 503 on Manhattan’s East side.

On November 8, 2018 the Trump Administration proposed raising United States Citizenship and Immigration filing fees would increase by 8.3 percent. For example, the price to file for a green card by 79 percent from $1225 to $2195.

Did you know the UCLA Health 50 Plus is a free membership program that offers individuals age 50 and older access to educational lectures exercise opportunities, information on community and health resources, a free community flu-shot clinic and special events. Call 800-516-5323 to sign up.

The filing period for Police Chief for Nahunta, Georgia closed on December 15, 2019. I just wonder if a man or lady from Brunswick got the promotion?

The American Legion reports over ten percent of military age Americans do not meet the necessary requirements for additional training and are ineligible for service. Bad vision asthma for allergies, dental issues, depression, hearing loss can all disqualify from service.

USA Today says its going to happen before long and I believe the security people. Soon non-flyers will be allowed beyond check points albeit with some restrictions.

A legislative auditor says 18 cities towns and villages are close to reaching bankruptcy. No its not Culver City but, it is Baton Rouge.

In Missoula, Montana a former evidence tech was given a ten year suspended sentence for stealing opioids that were being stored as evidence.

In the nation’s capital a bill that would decriminalize sex work won’t move forward this year. The Washington Post reports the bill’s death comes after an emotional hearing that lasted 14 hours.

Wondering how to steer your young kids into a good career path. According to Air Force Magazine the number of new airline pilots the industry will need by 2035 along with 679,000 maintenance technicians according to a Boeing projection released in August 2018.

The Montgomery Alabama city council has rejected a proposal to punish people who give cash to panhandlers with jail time.

Its been six months since L.A.P.D. opened an internal affairs inquiry in the Nipsey Hussle case. It was July 3, 2019.

Attorney Gloria Allred recently turned 78 years old.

In Buffalo, New York Spot Coffee workers voted in support of unionization.

The census is the once a decade count of the U.S. population started in January in a remote area of Alaska, the rest of the nation takes part starting in the Spring. The census count is so important California plans to spend $187 million or approximately $4.73 per person and even with that expenditure we could lose a sent in Congress.

I think may of us knew Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. We didn’t need evidence just idle speculation. Could it be time will tell if my guess work is correct? The Florida Times-Union printed several articles which questioned the “official” point of view.

Sadly; we report in Northeast Florida in 2018 147 babies died before their first birthday.

Rhode Island has been awarded federal funding to protect students from lead in school drinking water. Even if you don’t have 20/20 many will recall I’ve said the same thing many times in this column.

Can someone give us an update on the Mayme Clayton Library and Museum?

Okay folks pack your suitcases for a trip to China where western tumor medicines are selling at a third the price.

I wonder what Culver City is planning to do to celebrate women’s History – March 2nd through the 8th. Congress passed Public Law 100-9 in 1987 to recast March 2 through the 8th as Women’s History Week, Congresswoman Karen Bass.

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