My interview with Dav Pilkey


December 5, 2019

KidScoop Media correspondent Nadeem Kazuhiro Wagle speaks with popular children's book author Dav Pilkey.

By Nadeem Kazuhiro Wagle

Culver City

KidScoop Media Correspondent Age 7

Today was the best day ever because I got to interview Dav Pilkey. I am seven years old, and I am in the second grade. Dav Pilkey is the author and illustrator of Dogman, Mighty Robot, and Captain Underpants. I love to read Captain Underpants and Dogman. I have not read Mighty Robot yet. My favorite book is Dogman For Whom the Ball Rolls.

This was the first time I interviewed someone. I was nervous and scared and excited when I was in the car to go interview him. I went with my aunt, Akiko Tagawa. It was her birthday. She was nervous and scared and excited too. I went into the backstage to interview Mr. Pilkey. I was amazed to see him in person backstage at Santa Monica high school.

The interview with Dav Pilkey was great. He was very nice and friendly. He was also funny. He is 53 years old. When he was a kid like me, he did not listen to his teacher and did not behave well in class. He did not like school because he had a learning disability. This made it hard for him to read and write. I dislike school too because it is hard. I especially do not like homework. I sometimes get in trouble in class too.

He said that his favorite books that he wrote were Dogman For Whom the Ball Rolls and Fetch-22. Thinking back, I wish I had asked him his favorite character in his Dogman books and Captain Underpants books. I also wish I asked him what his favorite books were when he was little. I was so nervous so I forgot to ask him many questions. I was feeling happy and nervous inside during the interview.

He asked me what my favorite subject is. I told him it was reading. I was surprised that he asked me questions, but it also felt like a normal conversation with a friend. He did not make me feel scared. Dav Pilkey said that positivity, practice, and persistence are important. I brought Dogman, the first book, with me. He drew a picture of Dogman and signed it. He gave me a Dogman For Whom the Ball Rolls book and drew Cat Kid and signed it.

It was the best day of my whole life. I want to say thank you to my aunt for taking me, KidScoop Media, and of course Dav Pilkey. I would like to interview Dave Pilkey or another person again someday soon!


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