Farragut Student Attends Democratic Presidential Debate

Questions Presidential Candidates

By Jeffrey Kraft III

Age 10, Culver City

Kid Scoop Media Correspondent,

age 10, Farragut Elementary School

Detroit...the city that changed me. Making our way from home (Culver City) to Detroit was an adventure. We missed our flight, but all turned out well after all. Excited for the opportunity offered by KidScoop Media (KSM), we looked to our friends for what to wear and I'm so glad I had my bow tie!!!! Detroit felt scary at first; it was dark when we arrived and it was my first time there.

The next morning, I was surprised by how beautiful boarded up houses can be with green lawns, flowers all around and birds singing. It was sad to see empty homes but beautiful at the same time. Getting ready for first debate, I was very nervous but super excited. We arrived at the location and it was time to say goodbye to my mom (she was outside the building).

It was just me and Michelle. I wanted to do a great job to represent KSM and all kids out there. After going through my questions Michelle was so supportive and helped me so much to help me overcome my nerves. I asked my first question to Marianne Williamson. I asked her if she had a pet. She told me she had a cat, but it had died.

But if she wins, she will have a dog and a cat because she thinks the White House is big enough for both and I was excited about that! After my first question, Michelle and I kept practicing my questions. I felt ready for more. It was so great seeing all the television monitors and the many journalists on their computers.

At a distance, you could see Anderson Cooper live on TV. I had to find my strength. I did have to go see my mom and talk to her to feel better. The first day the list of amazing people I had the opportunity to meet were Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Ms. Williamson, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, John Delaney and John Hickenlooper. I had great experience with The Daily Show.

We didn't have to redo any scenes with them, but it was fun doing the show with Michael Costa. I think the end was my favorite part of the show because walking down the theater we had so much fun. It was a long day. On the second day, I was ready with my book, bow tie and Michelle. I felt good knowing what to expect. My questions were better and the journalists were all so nice to let me get my time with the candidates.

On my second day, I got to meet Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Corey Booker, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. Both debates were interesting and I learned a lot about our country, what we need and how we are lucky we can debate. At the end of second debate walking to the restaurant to meet my mom, I felt different inside. I was tired but extremely grateful for what just had happened.

next to me Michelle Mayans, I know she was very tired but always encouraging and protective of me. I appreciate what she does for us kids. I'm lucky to know her and have had this opportunity KSM offers to kids. Finally, I get to see my mom who was safe at a pizza place nearby.

The next day, my mom and I crossed the border to Canada. Looking at Detroit from Canada I realized that I'm ready for the 4th grade after these three unforgettable days. I was proud to tell everyone I met that I'm a Farragut Fox and a resident of Culver City, California.


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