Vacationing and the Need for Female Firefighters in CC

For the very first time in many years we took a four-week vacation and traveled to Canada and upstate New York. If you haven’t been you should go to Niagara Falls (U.S. and Canadian side) to see both views, The Erie Canal, the wineries in the Finger Lakes region and Rochester.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, it was reported the Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board voted to conduct an analysis that includes consideration of a fare-free system.

From all appearance the leadership once put forward by the mayor and the head of the Culver City Unified School District as it pertains to female fire fighters is a crying shame. Not one fire fighter in the fire departments, since we became a city-over one hundred years ago. Please read precious columns to learn the truth.

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce will sponsor the 2019 Annual Women in Business Leadership Luncheon on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at the Doubletree by Hilton Westside, Culver City. Call (310) 287-3850 for inquiries.

A state board in South Dakota is weighing whether to raise bonding requirements for natural gas and oil drillers. The state is considering the increase as they pursue a $15.5 million lawsuit against a Texas based company for abandoning gas wells in the western part of the state. (The Rapid City Journal).

Generally speaking, we zip up to Atlanta to see family and for historical reasons. Just added to the Atlanta History Center is the Regimental flag of the 127th United States Colored Troops. According to the history center at least 180,000 African Americans fought in this branch of the US Army after the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.

Recently I had a few minutes so, I reviewed the 2012 Friends of the Culver City Youth Health Center Booklet. Seven Years ago, my good friend Patricia Jaffe was the Superintendent and the Board members were Laura Chardiet, Nancy Goldgerg, Kathy Paspalis, Patricia Siever and Karlo Silgbiger.

Do you stay awake at night wondering which are the wealthiest cities in America? Well, I don’t either because Bloomberg has done it already.

1. Atherton, California. Where the average resident made an average of $450,696 in 2017.

2. Scarsdale, New York

3. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

The Service Women’s Action Network is suing the U.S. government because of the limits in Women’s combat roles. If the Federal Courts rule in their favor fire departments could be next. (The Jewish Veteran)

Yahoo News claims the mystery of Malaysian Airline flight MH370 may finally be solved. The plane disappeared in March 2014 in route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China with 239 passengers-experts. Experts now are sure the pilot committed suicide.

An investigation at the Torrus Museum dedicated to the works of the painter Etienne located in Elne, France found 82 of 140 were fakes. Is it too late to call Jack Webb? (Time Magazine).

The Boys and Girls Clubs do a super-duper job in molding children. For example, 97 percent of club teens are expected to graduate, 11 million kids are left unsupervised after school, and one in six won’t graduate on time.

The Senior Citizens League projects the government will announce a 1.7 percent raise in social security payments in October. This equates to a $24 monthly increase in the average seniors check. (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Adviser).

Isn’t about time the city stopped gender discrimination? Do you realize the City of Los Angeles, as well as, the County of Los Angeles have both fire science classes and physical fitness classes?

The people in Rapid City, South Dakota finally won one. The city is expected to lose more than $2 million in state funding in the next two years following congressional repeal of the states tax on internet service.

Many of us believe the Federal government is messing with Puerto Rico’s Hurricane recover program. Well partner; if you think the Dixie Cupper’s are right take a look at Galveston, Texas where that city has a new fire station. The older station was ruined by Hurricane Ike in 2008 and just repaired. (USA Today).

Troy Donahue, a one-time teen movie idol died on September 2, 2001 in Santa Monica at age 65 with a heart attack. (Brunswick News).

Pope Francis received Russian President Vladimir Putin for an audience on July 4th, 2019, their third meeting as the Vatican and the fire Russian church seek to improve ties. (Bloomberg).

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