Culver City Police Blotter

The Culver City Police Department has issued the monthly crime report for the city.

In the month of August there were:

7 Robberies

5 Assaults with deadly weapons

15 residential/commercial burglaries

21 thefts from vehicles

7 stolen vehicles

14 bicycle thefts

The area for the residential burglaries were:

12,600-12900 block of Washington Blvd

3900 block of Bentley Avenue

3900 block of Van Buren Place

The CCPD reported that thefts from unlocked vehicles and vehicle burglaries a decreased significantly in the past month.

There was a cluster of thefts from vehicles on Canterbury Drive in the first two weeks of August. The Culver City Police Department strongly recommends locking doors, activating car alarms, parking in well lit areas and hiding valuables.

They have also reported an increase in bike thefts and remind bike owners to record the serial number on your bike and us a quality bike lock.

You are urges to report suspicious activity by calling 911.


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