CCUSD Board Kicks Off New School Year

By Rikesh Patel

Observer Intern

With the end of August, children, or rather their parents, are shopping everywhere for back-to-school supplies. Coming out of the summer setting is almost always a difficult transition, but this year was undoubtedly different.

In the Culver City Unified School District School Board Meeting on Tuesday, CCUSD Assistant Supt. Jennifer Slabbinck formally introduced two new elementary school principals to the district, Dr. Amy Hodge, a 13-year veteran and Eva Carpenter.

"I love teaching," Hodge said. "I love education. I love supporting teachers, and so with this opportunity, I'm going to continue with my passion. I'm going to be still supporting my teachers."

Hodge was pursued by other jurisdictions, so we can see ourselves as very fortunate enough to retain her in our very own El Rin Con Elementary. Likewise, Carpenter's appointment was also launched in this meeting. (Who Is making this comment????)

"i have been welcomed with open arms from everyone, from our superintendent, our assistant superintendents, parents, staff, children," Carpenter said. "I've just felt so much love and welcomed, and I have enjoyed just the few days of school," Carpenter exclaimed. "I'm looking forward to an awesome school-year with the Lin Howe family. I'm very happy to be here."

The onset of the year was as smooth as it was due to the work of staff. Behind the scenes, much remained active in the search for plausible teachers and principals. In the end, the interviews panned out, and El Rin Con alone found eight new teachers over the break.


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