Disappointed in "Protect Culver City" PAC

Dear Editor,

My husband and I own our home in Culver City and are ashamed of the narrow motivations of this new political action committee.

Change is difficult on everyone but to demonize thoughtful council members is too much. How can anybody deny the lack of affordable housing is a problem and failure to address it selfish?

Experts have connected some rising homeless numbers to unaffordable rents so to ignore that is disingenuous.

Not in my backyard with regards to the homeless has to end if the rising rates are going to be reversed. Why is it O.K. to push our homeless into other people’s neighborhoods? Why should we not take proactive steps?

I applaud our forward thinking council members who are not burying their heads in the sand and want to steer us toward a more balanced future.

As an older resident of Culver City I have watched my property values continue to rise beyond expectations and I appreciate that but what is sad to see is so many of the next generation not be able to afford to live near their parents and friends.

I wish this new PAC has some solutions to offer these complicated problems instead of just criticisms.

Bernadette Dollard

Culver City


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