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By Neil Rubenstein
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California Ranks Second in Teacher Salaries


According to the National Education Association, in fiscal year 2016-2017 the average teacher salary in California was $78,711, which is the second highest in our country. Our state’s spending per student is $10,467. New York was number one, with an average teacher salary of $79,637 while its state spending per student was $21,206. This is twice the amount what California is spending on its students.

How about our own local teacher salaries? After years of deficit spending to pay for years of lucrative salary raises, the LA County’s 2016-17 annual survey shows the average CCUSD teacher made a quite respectable $79,044— $330 more than the California state average.

If you are a history buff, don’t miss the June 8 presentation of “The Hidden History of Culver City Racism and What Should Be Done About it” at the Mayme Clayton Library & Museum, 4130 Overland Ave. Speakers at the 2 .m. event include Museum Executive Director Lloyd Clayton, and Board member Steven Fisher; Joes Segal from the Wende Museum; Jessica Cattelino, associate professor of Anthropology at UCLA; Culver City Council Member Daniel Lee; and John Kent, author of “The Hidden History of Culver City Racism.” Childcare and light refreshments will be provided.

In my opinion, if you have an opportunity to walk by Culver City Hall after midnight several times during the week, you might hear the sound of sobbing. Why, you may say? Well, it started about a year ago, when Illinois became the 37th state to approve and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. Gee Whiz!

Men are going to give women equality for pay, employment and other areas. Yes, we all remember American History when those in power messed with Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics Americans, and Asian Americans. What is a crying shame is that our female mayor and the first African- American elected to the Council have not taken a public position on the lack of ladies in the local fire department. No progress in over 100 years suggests it’s time for Chief David White to retire. Don’t worry the chief will most likely get a pension of over $200,000 per year. So don’t look for him at the 99 Cent Store or the Dollar Tree.

Do you or a member of your family have dreams to get a degree in the medical field? Did you know the Kaiser Permanent School of Medicine will waive tuition for the first five classes of students who will learn to deliver patient-centered care and advocate for the health and well being of patients in diverse communities? The school will be based in Pasadena with clinical education taking place in the greater Los Angeles area.

Later today, I’m going to purchase a case of maximum strength Advil. You would too after reading the report from Washington D.C. on “Medicare being insolvent by 2026.”

Does anyone with an IQ over 10 and capable of balancing a checkbook feel that taxes need to be raised? The Los Angeles Board of Education and the City Council have their fingers crossed hoping no one read a recent Times article which stated, “The economy continues to hum. Tax revenue keeps flowing -- in fact, overflowing. There’s a $21.5 billion surplus plus a $16.5 billion” rainy day reserve. General fund revenues are projected to be $3.2 billion higher than forecast in January. Public schools -- Kindergarten through community college -- are in for a record $81 Billion. Of that, roughly $56 billion would come from the state and $25 billion from local property taxes. With all our tax money coming back from Sacramento, I would vote against anyone on the Culver City Board of Education or City Council who advocated additional money was needed.

For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at; strolling down the page and underneath Opinion look for Rubenstein.


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