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Pass Measure K: Higher Taxes will Help Schools


November 1, 2018

Serving our School District at-large and individual school sites (particularly for programs in the Whole Child initiative) has given me a unique perspective on the efforts that our district makes to serve all of our children's needs.

We are part of a district that continually strives to better our children’s educational experiences. This kind of school district is only possible in a community that recognizes our children as our highest priority and most precious resource.

So, when I was asked to help lead the campaign for Measure K to ensure essential resources for the next seven years in the face of mounting costs, I said YES!

The State of California has increased the education funding in recent years, but they’ve also greatly increased our costs by passing a law that says school districts must pay a larger portion of employee pensions than was paid in the past.

The district needs this Parcel Tax as well as funds raised by PTAs, booster clubs and the Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) to meet these state-mandated costs and continue to serve our students well. Many of our neighboring school districts already have parcel taxes that tax the residents more than Measure K would tax us [which would levy a new $189 parcel tax on every property owner].

Once we pass Measure K it becomes all of our responsibilities to hold district leadership accountable for their decisions and partner with them to do the best for our students!

To me, the most special thing about Culver City is the amazing community we are a part of, diverse in so many ways, yet united for our kids

We need to get out and support this community the best way we can by voting on Nov. 6. Join me in voting YES on Measure K!

Megan Rawls

Culver City


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