Kudos to Paper for Coverage of Measure K

Bruce Lebedoff Anders

Kudos to the Observer for publishing a range of citizen letters in support of Measure K on Oct. 4. This demonstrates the Observer’s balanced approach to the ballot issue despite its columnists’ recommendations to vote against K.

I would like to address some of the objections raised by these columnists, and express my wholehearted support for the Culver City Unified School District and its teachers, staff, and administration.

George Laase states that “Most of the funds raised, if not all, will be used on behalf of the adult staff in the district….” Schools are labor-intensive endeavors. Culver’s Schools are graced with 393 fulltime-equivalent certificated teachers, the vast majority of whom have Master’s Degrees or above.

There are also 342 hard-working support staff. These human resources teach and support teaching and learning in our schools. To say, then, that Measure K is not about our kids, is illogical.

In another column, Neil Rubenstein states the following: “Culver City is now ranked 14 out of 48 districts at $101,383—almost $2,000 or 2.4 percent beyond the median salary for maximum pay.”

First, there are more than 60 school districts in California. According to the California Dept. of Education, the average Culver City teacher’s salary is $79,044, and remember, that’s a gross salary before taxes and STRS deductions of approximately 8%.

According to the Certificated Salary Schedule for CCUSD, the 2017


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