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HERE TO HELP: Maitreya, the Masters and our Space Brothers


October 25, 2018

Two powerful, incorruptible and totally beneficent groups work tirelessly to guide humanity's spiritual evolution and make life on planet Earth habitable: the Masters of Wisdom from our own planet-led by the World Teacher, Maitreya-and our Space Brothers from neighboring planets. Educator Dick Larson will describe how this ongoing inter-planetary collaboration has gone on 'behind the scenes' for millennia, but is now poised to be publicly revealed. Larson will speak at the Culver City Veterans Memorial Building, Rotunda Room, 4117 Overland Ave. on Sunday, November 4th at 2 pm.

In cooperation with the Masters of Wisdom, our highly evolved visitors from nearby planets, in what many refer to as UFOs, work endlessly with their advanced technology to neutralize vast amounts of nuclear radiation we emit daily from our nuclear power plants and other nuclear experiments. Although not detectable by our own less advanced instruments, this radiation-in tremendous potency-is destroying the well-being of humanity and the lower kingdoms in nature by depleting the body's immune system and opening us to illnesses that would otherwise not affect us.

Beyond this, a new technology known by both the Masters and our Space Brothers will ultimately allow us to meet all the world's energy needs without the use of any fossil fuels. It will work by drawing unlimited energy from the sun. Scientists in America and Russia-in particular-are being trained in the development of this technology, but the final steps will not be revealed until humanity has renounced war forever. In the wrong hands, and with wrong motives that would drive us to war, this technology could destroy all life on the planet.

The important thing to take away from his talk, Larson says, is that these two groups are here to help at a very crucial time for humanity, and that all the fear-mongering that has been done to discredit our Space Brothers-particularly by governments-will soon be revealed for what it is.



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