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No Stinking Drought


Dear Editor,

Drought? We don’t got no (sic) stinking drought!

On May 22, I emailed the city manager, John Nachbar, regarding a massive ongoing water leak from the irrigation system at the Culver City Post Office at Culver Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue. He replied, as did one of his minions, that the situation would be corrected. I've also tweeted to culvercity311 about this situation twice.

Yet, here it is--two full months later--and water still floods the gutter on Lincoln all the way from Culver to Braddock Drive five times a week. This is literally thousands of gallons of water being completely wasted in the middle of a drought.

The solution is simple: Turn off the irrigation system to the area where the leak is occurring. After all, the lawn at the Post Office isn't exactly a horticultural marvel.

Makes me wonder if Noah Cross isn't still running the water company. I mean, where's Jake Gittes when you need him?

Rick Cramer

Culver City

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