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Dear Editor,


April 26, 2018

I was not going to say anything initially about the April 10 Culver City election. However, I now feel I have to. I was very involved in working with my husband, Marcus Tiggs, as he campaigned for a seat on the Culver City City Council. It was an exciting and positive experience, until a group of people determined to malign his reputation created a flyer filled with lies and hurtful comments. They also posted these malicious comments on social media.

Among the lies they posited, was that he was connected to a person that never even endorsed him. Shame on those people responsible for this smear campaign who call themselves progressives and liberals. These people oppose President Donald Trump, but then used his same bullying tactics to degrade and dishonor an upstanding human being. Is this what they are passing on to their children?

I personally witnessed a woman walking with her child and placing flyers on cars, destroying my husband – a man renowned for his integrity. It hurt me deeply to see this.

I believe in Karma: if you harm someone with your words or actions, the boomerang will come back and there will be consequences.

I am very grateful to all of Marcus’s friends and supporters who worked so hard on his campaign. I’m also grateful to the 2,000-plus residents that voted for him. Despite the smear campaign against my husband, those who stood by him continue to shine a light in my heart, and help restore my sense of peace and calm. I believe in love and humanity for everyone.

And to my husband, Marcus, I just want to say, I am so proud of you. You are the best!


Monica Granados

Culver City


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